My teaching style is stitched together from my own personal practice. When I step onto the mat, I step into myself that space that leads with truth, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, love and light-hearted humor. Breath, meditation and Reiki are the tools that bring me to loving awareness and surrender. Headstands and mind-boggling pretzel-twisting poses are never the goal. Rather we step into asana kindly, with a slow meditative flow, deepening into each pose with breath, peeling back layers, releasing knotted tension, repressed emotion and deeply bound energy. We leave our mat cleansed, renewed and inspired in loving awareness. Simply, my approach to yoga is as the healing holistic practice it was created to be, and my teaching reflects this from the moment we step onto the mat till our closing OM.

Trained in the Yogaworks method, inspired by Ashtanga and Iyengar, the style integrates elements of both with a dynamic and conscious approach to asana, with methodical sequencing focused on building strength and agility with precise alignment. My own teaching style in its core is pure Yogaworks method, infused with with the subtle healing energies of Reiki. I have studied with the most talented, accomplished and internationally renowned yoga teachers, including Chrissy Carter,  Seane Corn, and Jillian Pransky. These beautiful empowering Master Teachers have taught me tenacity, strength, humility and most of all the blessing of community. Together we have the power to move mountains and truly heal the world. Let’s be the change.

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