Kale Ginger Lime Juice

Kale Ginger Lime Juice

As Fall arrives, I note that this year I celebrated the 7-year anniversary of my love affair with green juice. The affair began quite innocently. I found myself searching, yet again, for a healthier way to lose weight, boost energy and ditch my addiction to sugar. I'd heard of the burgeoning juice craze and decided that this might be a healthy alternative to my fall-back diet of calorie counting. On a mission, one late rainy Friday evening , I ran to my favorite bookstore for an all-about 'green-juice cookbook'.  As the Universe always knows what you need, waiting for me was Kris Carr's classic best-selling book Crazy Sexy Diet. Filled with excitement, I absorbed cover to cover and completed the book within the course of the weekend. I diligently researched, purchased and had my first Omega juicer delivered, and by the following weekend was on my way to my juicing journey. That April of 2012, I committed and accomplished my first 28-day juice fast. I lost 20 pounds, my energy was off the charts, my skin cleared up, and my mood lifted. The results critically changed my way of thinking about food and diet. Hippocrates was correct, food is thy medicine.

Over the years my juice regimen has evolved. Today, I commit to a juice fast several times a year in conjunction with the seasons. I juice everyday starting the morning with straight-up celery juice, and in the afternoon I'll enjoy a veggie-fruit juice with Ginger Lime Green being my favorite go to on most days. This version is fresh, alkalizing, clears my head and I swear my skin elixir.  So if you are looking to boost your energy, mood or simply bring a glow to your skin this juice is your ticket!


Serves 2 16-ounce servings or 4 8-ounce servings

For optimal nourishment, always use organic non-gmo fruit and veggies. Fresh press juice can be stored and enjoyed within 72 hours, though I like to enjoy within 48 hours. For centrifugal machines, juices may be stored and enjoyed within 24 hours.

  • 1 large handful of lacinato kale

  • 2 1-inch pieces of ginger, peeled

  • 2 limes, peeled and quartered

  • 2 small sized granny smith* apples, or 1 large

  • 5 large stalks of celery

  • 2 small cucumbers unpeeled, or 1 large


  1. Scrub and wash all ingredients. Peel ginger and limes. Organic cucumbers do not need to be peeled, however if you like a lighter taste it's best to peel them.

  2. Chop, quarter or slice fruit and veggies sized to fit the mouth of your fresh press juicer. Minimal chopping is required for a centrifugal juicer.

  3. Fresh press all ingredients in the following order, ginger, lime, kale, apple, celery and cucumber. With a juice press, you may need to feed with alternate pieces of kale and apple to smoothly process the kale.

  4. Strain juice into glasses and enjoy, or strain into ball jars, if storing. If you like fiber with your juice, no need to strain.

  5. Enjoy!!!

*I love a tart juice, for a bit of more sweetness in your juice, use gala or red delicious apples.