Hello and thank you for stopping by LOVE SATYA GRACE. I am the Founder and Owner, a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, a student of Plant Nutrition, and a life-long Seeker. I suffered decades with anxiety, fear, depression and addiction. Using Reiki, yoga, meditation and plant nutrition, a pure holistic approach, I ditched my own self-limited beliefs, self-sabotaging mindset, and addictive behaviors which included a love for nightly vodka cocktails. I finally stepped into the boots (I love boots!) I was meant to wear and live today in splendid awe of this thing called life.

As an Entrepreneur and most importantly as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend; I understand and am acutely aware of how the demands of the 21st Century can leave you feeling depleted, frustrated, unfocused and spiritually lost.  I am wholly passionate in teaching the holistic techniques that helped me get and stay sober, reduce stress, get into balance and reconnects me to my authentic spirit and passion for life.

Simply put, my mission is to empower you to heal, opening the gateway to the beautiful authentic spirit that is within you!  With a multi-faceted approach which includes Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and yes Plant Nutrition you can release addictions, pain, fear, the egoic mind and rediscover the gift of peace, love, and gratitude to create a heart-centered, loved-filled, spirited and joyful life. Join me in living the gift of sweet loving awareness.

Peace, Love & Wellness,

Wendy Garcia-Ramirez
Love Satya Grace